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2 years ago

Cunttt - Clit tube movies


My wife, Sally, 40, 38 d, and still helps run a youth club. He returned home last Friday, a little later than usual and a little nervous. I knew there was a youth basketball tournament underway, but after I had some great whiskey, she dropped what she had done. After the tournament, some parents wanted to have a basketball game and asked Sally to the referee. All the children went with their parents, who did not want to stay and play. He realized that there were some beer cans, which were piled on one side. They knew that some of the parents, but just to say hello and not much else. Six were left behind and went to play, all were a few minutes to enjoy a glass of beer. A Ken asked Sally if she wanted a drink of whiskey from his bottle, Sally has a fondness for whiskey and sipped. He played basketball for cunttt about an hour. Everyone was hot and sweaty in a cheerful mood, thanks to the drink. The man decided to go to the shower, but stopd, and asked Sally if she wanted to join them in the shower of man was. She told them that they want. The whiskey and the excitement of the game had to get their juices, and she thought I would go back or to get rid of because she started to say his tracksuit. They all cunttt went and saw a couple of the guys had large peaks. She pulled her bra, but no one said it was a joke, so I put the panties made her look, her smooth shaved pussy. The men were all in the shower soaping them themselves. Sally joined them and felt the hand of four or five that attack. Her tits were and I felt a hand on her pussy and found her clitoris. Her clitoris was a gentle massage, which was always on and reached out and grabbed one of the great catches they had seen and masturbated until it was erect. kissed one of the boys and I felt a hand on her butt, and then facilitate a prick between the cheeks. She was pushed gently back and felt the sting in her pussy and fuck glide. She looked and saw that the other five were all shaking their tails, they felt the sting can enter it and someone came to her. Then she asked him if he wanted to fuck her she had to be safe sex. He was told not to worry, because everyone had a drink in white and fired. You never knew what he had to act as if she wanted to be fucked and try all the new clubs in all sizes. were told to return with her to cunttt get to the gym. The continued and said, put some mats on the floor. He lay on his back and then the first to have kids and they came and took it with long slow strokes. She came and then felt his cock swell and burst inside, as he approached. He got it and the second man grabbed her and left. Another man took his cock into her mouth and she took a shit in your mouth, then came in her mouth and felt his cum hit the back of her throat, choking on what they do. The guy was a fuckingND received from her. The fourth type, which was on all fours and took her foot and put his cock fifth type cunttt in the mouth. She sucked him, making him enter the mouth. He came so that he fell from his mouth as he sucked clean by Sally continued. Then he felt the fucking man started beating her ass and she felt him coming. All of them went back into the shower and clean up after Sally told me that they ask for cunttt forgiveness and not to end our marriage. I asked him if he had asked to do so again. She said she wanted to play next week. cunttt I told cunttt him I wanted to continue, but not after the shower, but hope to come as a dirty little slut and ask them to take photos so I could see. Depending on how it cunttt goes next week then I could to get to take home, so I can fuck like I must go home with two broken legs and a broken arm after a motorcycle accident cunttt and can cunttt not be cunttt an erection complete, said Sally'ss no shit from me for three weeks and is always with me, not to masturbate and able to
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